We are committed to conducting business honestly, ethically and in compliance with the laws and regulation where we operate.

Code of Conduct

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and business conduct in our relationships with customers, patients, healthcare professionals employees, contractors shareholders, as well as state, federal and foreign governments. The Legend Biotech Code of Conduct discusses key principles and standards to guide our employees in making the right decisions. To learn more about how we operate, read Our Code.

Compliance Hotline

Our Compliance and Ethics Hotline offers employees and external parties a confidential channel to ask questions and report complaints, concerns or misconduct without fear of retaliation.
Reports can be submitted by email, phone, on the web or in person with an assurance that the matter will be treated as confidential to the fullest extent possible. Our Compliance and Ethics Hotline is operated by a third-party vendor that can be reached by telephone or online via the web reporting tool. Visit www.legendbiotech.ethicspoint.com to learn more.

California Declaration of Compliance

As part of our commitment to operating ethically and responsibly, we have developed and continue to improve our Compliance Program.

The Compliance Program promotes ethical conduct and a culture of integrity consistent with our understanding of the California Marketing Practices Act (California Health and Safety Code § 119400 and 119402) and the HHS OIG Compliance Program. Read about our Compliance Program here.

For questions about our Compliance Program or to obtain a copy of our declaration, contact compliance@legendbiotech.com.


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